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These are the four premises upon which the central tenet - the service quality delivery - of ITP Worldwide is based. Our global culture is dedicated to providing the highest level of service and satisfaction for our clients - from securing the right leadership capital for your firm to reporting, analyzing and communicating openly and to your schedule.

The search industry, like business in general, has changed dramatically in recent years. Where control was once a cornerstone of our dealings with partners, we discovered that learning - sharing knowledge across international boundaries - was a far more effective attitude towards change.

From this attitude shift we learnt that continuous improvement and refinement of the executive search process was the way forward. The practice is called kaizen, and our partners share a common goal to set the standards for excellence in executive search. Having a continually higher set of standards has yielded a worldwide uniform product, and one which can be benchmarked against timeliness and quality.


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COMMIT, not control, is the only way to deal with change.
LEARNING, to continuous improvement - in process approach, service and standards.
ENTRUST, the business to those who own it. To those who live it.
SPECIALIZE, even within an area of specialization.